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Monday, January 4, 2016

Projection Meeting 2016

Hi, there!

We hope your Christmas and New Year holidays were great. Going back to work after a long break can be tough. Some people find it all doom and gloom, but not us. Do you want to know how we got rid of the blues?

The Plan
getting there
We believe in planning. Besides planning our books and tests, we also plan our yearly meeting which we call projection meeting. Our last year's projection meeting was held at the end of the year during the holidays, at the food court of Kalibata City. This time we planned to do it at the beginning of the year and it would be held in Cikini. After a long discussion over a WhatsApp group, we agreed on a cozy cafe near from the railway station so it would be easy for everyone to go home. Man proposes, God disposes. The place we wanted to visit was fully booked on the date when we were all available. So we used our plan B and went to Kedai BJ Cipulir instead. It's not so near from our office but the traffic was light after the holidays. 

the lip-smacking ice cream pots
The Place
Kedai BJ Cipulir is a homey ice cream parlor which serves ice cream pot, ice cream sandwich, and ice cream blocks. They have various flavors to indulge your taste buds. If you want something savory and more filling, try its black burger or black spaghetti. It will boost your mood. The chef gets the black color from bamboo charcoal which makes the buns and pasta not only look out-of-the-box but also taste good. 

The Event
waiting for our burgers
After our first ice cream, our chief Ms Shinta Harini gave us preview on what we were going to produce and prioritize in 2016. Then she led an internal mingle.  Here's the result:
  • Tri Pujiastuti wants to improve her cooking skills.
  • Sumeni Surasto feels happy if she can make people's day with her cooking.
  • ...
After that we enjoyed our meals, shared jokes, had another ice cream, and exchange gifts. To close the meeting, Ms Shinta told us to forget our lengthy resolutions and to come up with just one word to keep in mind through the year. Here they are:
unwrapping the gifts

  • Ridha Aska Amanda's word was "brave" - ...
  • Ingrid Repi's was "hope" - I hope for good health, fortune, and creativity, so I could give my best.
  • Shinta Harini's was "inspired." - I want to be inspired by everything and everyone.
  • Tri Pujiastuti's and Sumeni Surasto's was "focus." -
  • Rita Agustina's was "create." - Every work you do, dusting, ironing, cooking, or writing, is actually creating.
  • Sellyana Radhitya's and Noni Rachman's was "peace." - ...
  • Rizka Chika Lestari's was "enjoy." - I want to enjoy my life more, whatever comes my way.
  • Pranawangsih Yuniarhutari's was "comitted." - ...
  • Ratih Soe's was "challenge." -  Each day has its difficulty. Challenge yourself to overcome whatever stands in your way to get your job done.

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