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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

WRITING Series (One-Year English Program)

These books have been designed to enhance the students' writing ability. Each book contains 8 units, with each unit covering 2 lessons. Instruction in the various writing techniques is imparted through the use of interesting topics while recycling of these techniques is carried out wherever possible. Although the focus of this book is on writing, the other skills (listening, reading and speaking) are also incorporated in the activities. In addition, particular grammar points which are relevant to the topic discussed are reviewed for reinforcement. Through these books, students are expected to improve their fluency as well as accuracy in the use of English, enabling them to write clear and comprehensible pieces of writing.

Written by:
Mukti Mulyana
Dandy Fikhriyanto, Shinta Harini, Gabriel Ferry Halim, Ratih S. Jatmiko

Peer editors:
Gabriel Ferry Halim, Heddy Triyana Putra, Shinta Harini

Language consultants:
Paul Lincoln Hudson, Jean Hamel, Micheael John Kelley

Noni Rachman, Aisah Sulaeman, Vera Djuliarso, Efigenia Ismail

Gabriel Ferry Halim, Mukti Mulyana

Gabriel Ferry Halim

Printed by:
PT Siwibakti Darma

Voice talents:
Heddy Triyana Putra, Jean Hamel, Michael John Kelley, Mukti Mulyana, Ratih Sumiratingratri, Yvonne C.J. Wotulo

Recorded and mixed by:
Hendi (Citra Studio)

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